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I have started this blog to help me get my craft projects out for everyone to see. My crafts are my therapy. I find peace in creating special ideas for friends and family. This is a new adventure for me and I plan on enjoying the ride

Monday, June 17, 2013

More Father's Day Cards

Here are just a few more examples of my Father's Day cards. The first was a special order from a co-worker. It was for her son who is a single dad. She wanted something extra special, and wanted to use some personal photos. I love how these folded cards always come together. She emailed me and said he loved it!  Second card was made for a friend, he asked if I was making him a card.  Told him he wasn't my dad but I would see what I could do. I used some metal from Ten Seconds Studio and created this one of a kind card. He thought it was cool. It's always great when you hear people appreciate your work. Well I'm off to finish a special order project, pictures to come soon. Thanks for coming by!  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day Cards

Wow!  Has this been a busy season?!  I have been pleasantly surprised how many orders I got for Father's Day. Here are a few samples of the cards I made. My mixed media cards seem to be the most popular. I think I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  All my orders are finished and shipped. I have to thank everyone for their support. Now to move onto my next project.  A friend has requested something special, I can't wait to get started. Till next time!  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Celebrating Spirit

I am so excited to share this project!  A friend asked me to take his daughter's graduation invitation and make something for her. I instantly pictured a shadow box. I know I drove poor Rob nuts with questions because I had never met his daughter.  This is always hard, I wanted to make it special but how do I do that when I don't know her. I happen to remember a card I made several weeks ago called "Be Brave", which reminded me to take some chances and just have fun with this project. I studied the invitation, did a little Facebook stalking..lol!, and just started working. It all just really came together. I looked down at this finished project and had no idea where this idea came from. The Sugar Skull stamps are from Bombshell Stamps and represent the rock and roll edge of her dad and her fighting spirit to just be her fun loving self.  From what I've seen and heard about this special girl she is strong with a soft heart, and wants to be the first to make any situation better which is represented by the handmade flowers. Looking at her Facebook page the first thing that stands out is her wrist tattoo which says "Be The Change", I had to include this on a mini banner. That statement says everything I feel you need to know about her. I feel her spirit just jumps from this layout. The quote is from The Black Crowes and I think fits her dad's feelings for her perfectly. He definitely is a proud dad.  Rob you have raised one amazing, uplifting, loving young lady.  I have to say this is now my favorite project of all time. I shed a few tears when I had to let it go, but I knew it was meant to be with Averi. I hope it always reminds her how special she is, and how much her dad loves her. So...Averi welcome to my personal hall of fame where you hold the #1 spot and have titled your shadow box "Celebrating Spirit".