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I have started this blog to help me get my craft projects out for everyone to see. My crafts are my therapy. I find peace in creating special ideas for friends and family. This is a new adventure for me and I plan on enjoying the ride

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ready for Father's Day?

I got some great news..a friend of mine has a friend in the Dallas area opening a new store and she saw my previous frame and asked if it was possible to make up a couple of samples and send them to her.  She is looking for one of kind items to place in her store and she thinks my frames would be a perfect item.  I'm very flattered.  I will keep you updated and let you know if this works out.  I created this frame pending the next holiday celebrating the dad's in our lives.  Very simple but I enjoy all the simple accents.  I found the buttons in a local yard store.  They are made from leather and I think they match perfectly.  Hopefully the ideas just keep coming for these frames.  I also just got an order for 200 wedding invitations so I guess you know what I will be working on...until next time.