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I have started this blog to help me get my craft projects out for everyone to see. My crafts are my therapy. I find peace in creating special ideas for friends and family. This is a new adventure for me and I plan on enjoying the ride

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

HoneyHouse canvas

I created this one of a kind canvas piece for my friends who just released their fourth CD. The group is called HoneyHouse and they are a fabulous group of ladies with a true talent. If you haven't heard them please check them out. They sing from the soul and I think that's what touches me artistically. This quote can be found on the inside jacket of the new CD. I always find it crazy how I can see something and instantly the picture pops in my head. That is what happened here. I'm trying to challenge myself more by doing some sketching which I did on the background. I also drew hair for the first time and am amazed it came out ok. I gave this girl some Texas hair....big!  Lol!  I presented this to the group at their CD release party and they loved it. There was tears and lots of hugs. I'm so glad this came together like it looked in my head. I have more projects coming. Thanks for coming by!  

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