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I have started this blog to help me get my craft projects out for everyone to see. My crafts are my therapy. I find peace in creating special ideas for friends and family. This is a new adventure for me and I plan on enjoying the ride

Monday, March 22, 2010

The good times roll......we are still in Dallas.  Had a great time at the workshop(picture to be posted soon).  We have done some shopping and have found a lot of great new ideas.  We have started some of them here but can't wait to get home to really get busy.  Updates coming soon. 


Suzann Soliz said...

very excited to see what you guys have come up with...

Tammy said...

It's been a blast and I have enjoyed getting to craft finally. Can't wait to get home and get somemore stuff done. Thanks for a great time you two!!! Make the drive home safely.